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With over 10 years of experience in the travel industry, we know that "cookie cutter" tours can be rather tedious and if you don't speak the language its hard to navigate the city and pursue your passions and hobbies. Whether its your first or fiftieth time in Paris, there are always exciting places to go and fascinating things to see.

Our philosophy is to provide experiences that are fun and informative with a dash of good food and wine.

People ask me why Experience Paris has the URL of It's a long story but here is the short version. In 1999 I moved my family from Santa Fe New Mexico to Paris so I could study at the ESSEC one of the Grande Ecoles with a focus on Luxury Brand Management. After graduating - "major de promotion"- I was a business and brand strategy consultant for a year. This led to an interest in developing an online business.

The business targeted men and we sold men's skin care products, apparel, object d' arts, cufflinks etc. We also distributed speciality skin care products to La Samaritaine and Marionnaud to name a few. This was a very tough business and the retailers were using small brands to sell own store products so this led to the idea of offering travel services to men.We quickly found it was not just just men who were booking. The travel business grew so well that we decided to drop all the other products and keep the web site URL.


Our office is in the 7th arrondissement on the Left Bank. We are 5 minutes from the Eiffel Tower and opposite L'Ecole Militaire, which allows us to be in constant contact with our ever growing network of suppliers.

Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions.

Thank you for visiting our site and remember to tell your friends as well.

Larry Davis
Managing Director

Mailing Address:
13, Ave, Duquesne, 75007 Paris France

Phone +33 6 14 29 52 74
Phone Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-6pm (GMT+1)


Good Morning Larry, I wanted to tell you that I so appreciate all of the assistance you have given me in my planning. Your help has been invaluable. I completed all of the tour recommendations without difficulty as your links were very simple ( I am somewhat electronically challenged so things have to be simple).

Once again I want to thank you for arranging our tour at the last minute. I am afraid that without your help our family trip to Paris would have been greatly diminished and certainly not nearly as educational.

Although we enjoyed the tours of the two flea markets, I wanted to write to you regarding Angelo. Our three days with Angelo were marvelous and his attention to detail, knowledge and ability to entertain my wife, myself and our four children was remarkable. We feel truly blessed to have him as our guide over these days and wanted to let you know how happy we were with both his services and his warm personality and professionalism.

From the time we first met him we knew he was special and our time with him in Paris would be exceptional. While we will certainly tell everyone we know how wonderful of a guide he was, I wanted to let you know as well just how pleased we were with his services.

Again we appreciate everything you did in arranging our last minute trip once our original guide fell ill. Without your help, knowledge and expertise our trip would not be nearly as memorable as it was. I look forward to working with you on our trip to Italy next year and will stay in touch. DW

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Trip Plan 2/3 touring days 150€
Plan it by Phone - 30 mins 75€
"Your Neighborhood" Plan 75€


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