Paris Gourmet Food Experiences

While visitors approach French cuisine with a mix of awe, reverence and sometimes fear, French people take their world renowned Cuisine for granted. Gastronomy and Wine are sources of national pride and reflect regional differences. Mention to anyone Escargot, Crepes, Croissant, Baguettes, Foie Gras, or Omelette and they will immediately think of France.

Of course, eating them in France makes them taste even better than at home. Its thanks to Varenne in the 17th century, Careme in the 18th century, and Escoffier in the 20th century that France established itself in the world as the benchmark for the finest gastronomy as well as the best sourced local ingredients from Dijon mustard to Brittany oysters to Truffles from Provence.

Meals are full of social and cultural meaning, which is why we suggest eating and drinking at local places with our guides to share this very French cultural ritual.

Our tours real journeys through culture, food cultures, History, History of arts, or even design.

Food Market

Cooking & Market Visit

Visiting a Parisian market with a trained chef is an experience not to be missed, then come back to the cooking studio and create a wonderful meal .

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Foods & Picnic Promenades

Visit a typical Parisian food market and discover some of the best food shops Paris or take our picnic promenadeto visit great markets and hear about famous French culinary stories

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Chinese Tea

SpIce Tours

Starting with medieval Paris, you will taste the best couscous of the city, or savor the Jewish specialties of Europe, which will take your taste buds on a journey around the globe all their own.

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Macaron Class

Dessert & Macaron Classes

The French are renown for their decadent desserts. Cream filled pastries, tarts, choux and macarons are just some of the desserts you will make.

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Dessert & Chocolate Tours

Learn the history behind some of the best and most renowned chocolate and pastry makers of Paris, and taste the differences as you learn about how they each perfected their art in their own way.

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French Bistro

Bistro & Bistronomy

After decades experimenting with new cuisines and contemporary creations, young French Chefs have begun going back to the roots of French gastronomy.

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Croissants Classes

Well known sweet French breads include the croissant, brioche and pain au chocolat. In these classes you will learn how to make the most famous French breads.

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Cheese Tastings

French Cheese Tastings

Join one of the top Cheese and wine pairing specialist in Paris at his restaurant, as he guides you though the maze of French Cheeses region by region paired with red and white wine.

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Cafe Cuture

Cafe & Conversation

There is more to sitting in a café than just relaxing over a drink. Cafés are the beating heart and soul of art, culture, and food in France.

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